Area codes such as 310 are used for more than just phone calls. They have become a status symbol. Stereotypically, people who live in area 310 are considered to spend time at the beach, have connections to Hollywood, and enjoy the lifestyle of Southern California. Many companies choose the 310 area code for their business’ local number due to such type of market.

But there is more you need to know about area code 310 besides the status it brings.

What are area codes? 

Before the mid-20th century, telephone operators handled calls people made from one geographical location to another. Telephone signals were directed through a switchboard based on the caller’s instructions. The instructions contained the name and the address of the person to be reached. 

Nowadays, the process has been simplified and you can directly reach the person you are calling by entering the telephone and an area code. Here, the area code distinguishes your telephone number’s geographic location. 

Area codes are implemented for landline phones worldwide to simplify detecting the identity of both the caller and the people who call. They have helped telephone providers organize the calling system as well.

Area codes are important even nowadays, in the technologically advanced era.

The US is divided into states. Each of them is split into area codes that correspond with telephone dialing areas. Depending on the population, some states have one area code, while others have several. This is because there was a need for additional area codes due to the increase in the number of telephones.

What is a 310 area code?

LA area code image

The 310 area code covers major Californian urban areas such as the city of Los Angeles.

This is an area with a developed entertainment and tourism industry and a hub for the startup community. It stretches along the 310 area coastline, from Santa Monica to Malibu beach, and its inhabitants enjoy the nightlife West Hollywood offers, hikes in Topanga, and shopping on Rodeo Drive. 

This area code has something to offer for every lifestyle, so naturally, high demand for real estate (and consequently the area code) follows.

Background of the 310 area code 

During its expansion, ​​Los Angeles went from having one area code to having 10. Los Angeles County has had a large increase in the number of residents in the 1990s due to the opportunities this area offered. The California Public Utilities Commission decided that this required more telephone numbers. Having the capacity of the previous area code filled, a new one was introduced in 1991 – 310 area code. By then, the area was covered with code 213, which was one of the first California area codes. 

Country code 310 has split the area that was covered by 213, and six years since the introduction, a new one – 562 has been implemented as a part of 310. 562 was used for the southeastern part of Los Angeles County and a big part of Orange County. The remaining number plan was modified by adding area code 424 as an overlay to the existing one.

Which area does it include?

One of the most popular area codes – the 310 area code – covers the area of Los Angeles County, which includes more than fifty cities and neighborhoods. It starts west of Long Beach and ends north of South Beach. It also includes Santa Catalina Island. Below is a list of the most popular cities in Area Code 310:

  • Beverly Hills Los Angeles
  • Malibu Los Angeles 
  • Long Beach Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica Los Angeles
  • San Pedro Los Angeles
  • Wilmington Los Angeles
  • Harbor City Los Angeles
  • Culver City Los Angeles
  • Manhattan Beach Los Angeles
  • Redondo Beach Los Angeles
  • Hermosa Beach Los Angeles
  • Inglewood Los Angeles
  • Hawthorne Los Angeles
  • Compton Los Angeles
  • Venice Los Angeles
  • El Segundo Los Angeles
  • Pacific palisades Los Angeles
  • Torrance Los Angeles
  • Carson Los Angeles

How can you get a 310 area code number?

You can purchase California 310 area code phone numbers through phone companies and area code number providers. But you can also turn to a virtual number provider to obtain one. A virtual (VOIP) number for business is not directly connected to a telephone line, as is the case with traditional phone numbers. 

They can be connected to any device the user chooses. The key is connecting it to an IP address. VOIP phone numbers allow you to purchase a 310 area code number without a physical presence. 

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What are its advantages?

Getting a 310 area code number can get you a lot of benefits, from better customer support to increased productivity. The most important ones for your business in area 310 would be:

Establishing a local presence

You can better reach your local customers by purchasing a 310 area code number. Residents of California who have the same area code number will feel more comfortable reaching you on a phone number that starts with the same code. 

Having the same code number will make them assume you understand their needs and can solve the problems they are facing more efficiently.

Cutting costs 

If you have a business that focuses on the clients within the 310 area code, having a 310 number will help you cut costs, compared to making long-distance calls from another area. 

This is especially useful when you have to provide customer service. Customers are more likely to reach out to local numbers because they will not fear the high costs of calling for themselves as well.

Building brand awareness

If you have a business that operates across multiple regions, having a dedicated area code for each of them will demonstrate commitment to each of your branches. It will also show professionalism. When a customer reaches out to you to a 310 phone number, you’ll immediately be able to assume at least the part of their needs that come due to their location and propose a solution faster.

How can Ringblaze help you?

Ringblaze dashboard

Using some of the best business phone systems helps you simplify your business communication. You don’t need to use separate collaboration and calling solutions – instead, you’ll be able to manage the whole process related to business communications from a single platform.  

Business phone systems are helpful tools that manage all of your incoming calls. They give you complete control over the way you communicate with your clients, while at the same time taking a lot of logistics off your back. 

One such tool is Ringblaze, which allows sales teams to easily manage all of their calls. It gives you a full set of features that help your company provide excellent customer service and increase your sales. 

The largest problem businesses face in external communication is a poor connection which ruins their sales service. Ringblaze has solved this with stable servers that are used to host the connection, making it virtually impossible to lose important prospects due to connectivity issues.

Ringblaze interface is simple and intuitive, so your sales reps won’t need to go through any additional training to learn how to use it. This saves you a lot of resources in the long run, especially if your business is expanding and hiring a new workforce. Besides that, you’ll quickly grasp the full functionalities of the tool and be able to make the most use of:

  • Collaboration dashboard
  • Multiple users feature
  • Call recording
  • International calls
  • Call history
  • Shared call Inbox
  • Shared contacts
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call comments
  • Group calling
  • Website call widget
  • Business texting
  • Voicemail greeting and hold music
  • Call and message export

You can access these functions through a Ringblaze mobile version for Android and iOS so you can manage your sales calls when you’re outside of the office. This is an important feature for both small and large businesses. If you run a small one, you will probably not be able to be physically present to answer the calls coming from 310 or any other area code, so managing it on the go will save you a lot of resources. 

Larger teams can also work remotely and manage their calls from the mobile app, providing the team members with flexibility in doing their jobs.

To use Ringblaze services, you subscribe either monthly or yearly, and you pay per each user you add to the subscription package. Before that, you can try it out for free, just sign up and get a phone number in your desired area code to try out all the business functions that are available on the platform.


Whether you have a business in one of the biggest industries in the 310 area, such as manufacturing, or need to provide quality customer service for any other area, from apparel to transportation, you need a good phone provider. It enables you to run sales efficiently and establish trust with your California customers and tap into the market that counts millions of people. 

The projected job growth over the next few years makes it even more appealing to do business in this area, so setting it up properly will help you grow your business in one of the most prosperous parts of the USA.

310 area code: FAQs

Why is the 310 code popular?

The 310 area code is very desirable because of the lifestyle its residents have. It is mostly home to rich people who enjoy luxury and have a habit of spending a lot of money and investing. Many businesses want to have a presence in this area in order to reach such clientele.

What is a business phone system?

A business phone system is a multi-line phone setup that covers many features. It allows its users unlimited calls, call recording, automation, the possibility of multiple users using it simultaneously, etc. There are three types of business phone systems: 
– Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
– Private branch exchange (PBX)
– Key system unit (KSU)

What are the benefits of a business phone system?

Business phone systems are advanced compared to traditional landline systems. They don’t require hardware setup, which reduces the costs of their use. They are mostly cloud-based nowadays, and besides support regular calling, video conferencing, team messaging, and CRM integrations, to name a few.
Phone systems give users flexibility when it comes to making calls – they can do so from any device that is connected to the internet.