Not all phone numbers are created equally. Some are associated with scam calls, unwanted calls or unprofessional callers just looking for their next victim. This is why choosing the right phone number for your business is important.

Professional toll-free phone numbers—like those with the 866 area code—allow customers to call businesses from around the world without a cent being charged to the client. Looking professional and trustworthy, they eliminate customer concerns when calling them.

In this article, we will address what an 866 area code is, what it means for your business and how your business can scoop one up.

What is an 866 area code?

Numbers with an 866 toll-free code are often used by businesses as a convenient way for their customers to get in touch with them. An 866 area code is connected to a toll-free telephone number that can be dialed without charging the caller.

One cool thing about the 866 area code is that it is not permanently attached to any particular location or time zone. That means that this toll-free number can be used at any time from anywhere within the North American Numbering Plan—NANP—which includes the US, Canada, Bermuda and most Caribbean countries.

What can you do with the 866 area code number?

The main ability of the 866 area code is to allow customers access to customer service lines that are reachable from various locations toll-free—a.k.a. a complimentary phone call.

These toll-free area codes help businesses in many ways, including boosting customer experience, assisting in tech support and improving sales.

The fact that an 866 toll-free number can be dialed from anywhere in the US and Canada is significant for businesses abroad because it gives quick and easy access to any concerns or questions that customers may have.

It is often possible to send text messages to an 866 toll-free telephone numbers and receive messages in return. How opportune for those of us on the go!

How are they different from other toll-free numbers?

To be perfectly honest, there is no operative difference between 866 numbers and other toll-free numbers. All toll-free calling codes—including 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 833—perform similarly.

Although all toll-free numbers function similarly, they are not interchangeable. The only difference between them is that each toll-free area code is routed to a unique local telephone number. If a customer calls a 1-866 area code number they will not connect to the same company as they would by calling that number using a 1-877 area code, for example.

All toll-free area codes serve the same purpose, just make sure to call the one designated to the right business.

Why should you get an 866 area code phone number?

Having an 866 code for toll-free calls can strengthen your business calls in several helpful ways, apart from them being complimentary calls for clients.

Advantages of owning an area code 866 number:

  1. Global Customer Base
    The fact that the 866 area code is nomadic means that a company can be, too. Obtaining an 866 toll-free number gives businesses a chance to expand their global market and makes it easier for people from across North America to get in touch with them, ultimately growing their business. It also allows for international business communications without hassle.
  2. Personalization
    Vanity numbers are phone numbers that use recognizable patterns of numbers or letters to help a customer remember them. These numbers can be personalized to fit your business with a catchy phrase to make memorizing the number simpler. One famous example of a toll-free vanity number is 1-800-CONTACTS. Melodic, right?
  3. Convenience
    Not only are 866 numbers easy to remember but they are also a breeze to set up, especially when you use a voice-over-internet protocol—VoIP—a system like Ringblaze. A toll-free number is conveniently portable. Moving the location of a particular business does not mean having to change the number.
  4. Competency
    Using a toll-free number with area code 866 makes a business seem more credible. This area code attaches a more professional and trustworthy notion to the company. Customers might assume that the business has been in the game for a while or that they know their way around because they have a more executive-looking phone number.
  5. Messaging ability
    It has been documented that 93% of customers trust text messaging as a communication channel, and 9 out of 10 people prefer to use messaging to interact with businesses. Toll-free numbers—especially those assigned through VoIP—allow for more mobile forms of customer communication, including text, audio or video transmission.

Is the 866 area code phone number a scam?

As a whole, area code 866 numbers are not a scam. They are government-assigned toll-free numbers given to many businesses to conduct their business. Generally, there is no need to feel alarmed when contacting an 866 number.

That being said, the caller should always pay close attention to the exact number that they dial. Scammers are often slick and can sometimes obtain a very similar phone number, just one digit off the trustworthy number. To be sure, you can check who owns a toll-free number here.

How can you get an 866 area code number?

Getting an 866 area code toll-free number set up for a business can be a fairly easy process, depending on the way you choose to go about it.

Traditionally, a business would first need to contact the Federal Communications Commission—FCC for them to assign an available 866 number. The FCC hands out toll-free numbers using a system called Responsible Organization—RespOrgs.

The complicated part of this process is that RespOrgs only deals out toll-free numbers on a first-come, first-serve basis. A business with a specific number in mind will often have to jump through hoops to get it. These hoops can involve a long wait time or even an auction for said number.

To avoid this potential headache, many VoIP providers like Ringblaze are now there to reward your business with a toll-free number immediately after signing up. In just a few minutes, your business has a new 866 area code phone number, with no bartering involved!

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866 area code: FAQs

What happens if you call 866?

If you call an 866 number, you will be connected with a business that has paid to obtain that number. As the customer, you will not be charged anything for calling an 866 area code.

What do 866 numbers mean?

866 numbers mean that the client can use these numbers to call a business from anywhere inside the NANP—including Canada, the US and most Caribbean countries—for free.

How do I get an 866 number?

The easiest way to receive an 866 number is by signing up for Ringblaze. With Ringblaze, you will receive your toll-free number quickly and can use unlimited numbers to conduct your business.

Where is the 866 area code?

The 866 area code is a toll-free area code in North America, including the US, Canada, Bermuda and some Caribbean islands.

Originally published November 18, 2022. Updated February 13, 2024.