Have you ever received a call from a strange area code and didn’t pick it up? Have you heard of phone codes used by scammers that you’d better avoid answering?

The truth is receiving an incoming phone call or text from a geographic area you are familiar with provides a sense of security.

So, if you are a company in the US you’d probably want to get phone numbers with area codes that your customers will recognize as trustworthy. 

This will help increase response rates and – with people more eager to listen – your conversion rate.

Now, if you are a business targeting the Illinois area, what area codes in Chicago should you choose? And, most importantly, how can you get one if you don’t have an office there? Keep reading to find the answer to these questions.

What does an area code say about your business?

The first thing you need to know while picking up an area code is that these 3 digits have a meaning that goes way beyond a geographic area. What do you want your phone number to say about your business?

  1. Close and trustworthy

If you want to convey the message that you understand your audience, pick a local phone number. Naturally, people find it easier to relate to a neighbor. Ensure the code you’re getting is not one of the scam area codes that no one would ever answer.

  1. Prestige

Like in real estate, what people are willing to pay for has everything to do with location. For instance, having a 212 area code means that your business is so successful you can afford an office in Manhattan. And everyone in the US knows that if you possess a 310 area code you are probably a wealthy Californian with connections in Hollywood.

  1. Professional and available

Personalized toll-free numbers with 866 area code show you are a global business and people can call you at any time. If you are expanding your business, this is probably the right choice.

So, what do Chicago area codes have to say? Let’s take a look at the best-known Chicago area codes.

What are the most important area codes in Chicago?

Located in northern Illinois, in Cook County, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with 2.7 million citizens – almost 9 million of them living in the metropolitan area.

Here are some of the most important area codes in Chicago.

Area code 312

Area code 312 was created in 1947 and was one of America’s first At&T and Bell System codes. One of the most popular area codes in the entire state, it serves the Chicago metropolitan area including the business district of The Loop – the second largest business district of the USA – and the Near North Side.

312 area code in Chicago map

Area code 773

Created in 1996, due to the city’s growth, area code 773 covers most of Chicago except the downtown.

773 area code in Chicago map

Area code 872

With the demand for Chicago numbers quickly growing, the 872 area code was added in 2009 as an overlay area code – overlapping coverage with area codes 312 and 773.

872 area code in Chicago map

The remaining area of Chicago is served by codes 708 and 464, which cover the southern suburbs of the city, 630 and 331 which cover the western suburbs, and 847/224 which serve the northern suburbs.

How difficult is it to obtain area codes in Chicago?

Home to the headquarters of well-known companies like Boeing, McDonald´s, and Mondelez, Chicago area codes are highly in demand.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be established in Chicago to access a phone number starting in 312, 773, or 872. Today, most wireless service providers allow you to choose the code you want.

A much better option is to get a VoIP service (voice over IP) that allows you to use different area codes at a low cost and with added functionalities. Have you heard of Ringblaze?

How can Ringblaze help?

Ringblaze dashboard

Like most VoIP service providers, Ringblaze offers an all-in-one solution that can help you handle all your communications, including calls and text messages, from anywhere.

With a user-friendly interface and a really simple setup process, these are just one of the few things you can do with Ringblaze:

  1. Create US, Canadian, or International Phone Numbers

Choosing the area code you like can increase your response rate and conversion rate and reduce your distance costs significantly – all your calls would be made from a local number.

  1. Collaborate online

Avoid duplicate callbacks with shared comments and a live dashboard, and ensure the communication with your customers is an ongoing conversation instead of a repeated monologue that starts over and over again.

  1. Add a click-to-call widget to your site

Increase your ROI by 143% by adding a “call us know” button to your website. Setting up the widget is incredibly straightforward!

Ringblaze call-us-now widget
Ringblaze call-us-now widget

Final words

If you own a business, choosing the right number for each targeted area is a strategic decision. If you want to grow your business in Chicago, 312, 773, and 872 are the best area codes to choose from.

The good news is with Ringblaze you can get multiple phone numbers easily, reduce costs and handle your communications more efficiently. Sign up now!

Area codes in Chicago: FAQs

What are area codes in Illinois?

Illinois is served by the following area codes:
– Northern Illinois: 815/779
– Central Illinois and Illinois-Indiana border: 217/447
– Western-central Illinois: 309/861
– Southern Illinois: 618
– Chicago: 312/773/872
– North and northwest suburbs of Chicago: 847/224
– Chicago’s West suburbs: 630/331

What area code is 872 in Chicago?

872 covers the entire Chicago city and overlaps with codes 312 and 773.

What area code is 464?

464 is a new area code in Chicago, state of Illinois. Issued in 2022 due to the high demand for phone numbers in the zone, it covers new numbers in the suburbs of the west side of Chicago.

What area code is 217 from?

217 area code corresponds to central Illinois, which includes the regions of Springfield, Champaign, Urbana, and Decatur.