We keep hearing that technology is taking over communication too much and people need more human interactions.

What if we told you this isn’t entirely true? 

In fact, about 43% of people report voice calling via an optimized phone system is their preferred mode of communication. It’s no wonder that this market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2030.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of automated voice messaging for your business and show you practical ways to get the most out of this technology. 

Let’s begin.

What is automated voice messaging?

Ringblaze dashboard
Ringblaze dashboard

Automated voice messaging is a voice-based service which allows users to send and receive pre-recorded messages. 

Plus, you do not need to dial each number on the contact list—you can send an automated message to a bulk of recipients. Usually, the system delivers a message in terms of minutes and can cover hundreds of receivers at the same time.

Automated voice messaging system’s objectives

The most common use of this technology is to inform people and give updates. For instance, a company can notify its customers about the following:

  • discounts
  • holiday hours
  • working hours

Automated voice messaging is also a great marketing tool. It allows you to create customized voicemail messages and even request some touch-tone responses.

With all these opportunities in mind, it’s no wonder that many businesses started using it for marketing and informational purposes. However, the list is much longer when diving deeper into the benefits of automated voice messaging systems.

5 benefits of automated voice messaging

Keep in mind that automated voice messages are still in its early stage. However, coupled with AI that can generate crucial insights 1000 times faster than a human brain, this technology provides plenty of benefits. 

Let’s explore them in greater detail. 

1. Saving time and money

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The first benefits of an automated voice messaging system is saving time and money. 

For instance, you don’t have to spend countless hours training employees on how to make calls on behalf of your company. With an automated voice messaging service, you can simply record a message and use it multiple times.

Plus, you can reduce the workload from your agents, as an automated voice messaging system makes a great customer support tool. No more complex scripts and long calls. You may even discover that you need less employees, which saves you both time and money. 

2. Increase the outreach

Man with a megaphone

If you hear, “Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system,” it means the company you’re calling uses an automated phone call system. However, these techniques work both for input and output. It means they can send messages as well as receive ones.

It does not matter whether you need to reach 10 or 10,000 people for an automated call system. This automated call system can simultaneously call or text everyone on the list. 

Safe to say, it is an essential tool in marketing communications. You can voice broadcast, use VoIP messaging, or send the message to existing and potential clients. These can be sales promotions or reminders of some notable events. 

3. Ease of use

UX/UI graphic

Sending a voice message via an automated voice messaging system is quite simple. Platforms invest a great deal of time and money to make the UI/UX design intuitive, so even the most unskillful users can easily use it. Besides, an automated calling system is often coupled with cloud communications to make all the processes more seamless and secure.

For example, imagine you have a retail business. As a part of your sales strategy, you need to eliminate some inventory and engage in time-limited product offers to battle competitors. In such a case, speed plays a vital role. With an easy-to-use automated messaging system, you can route incoming calls, send text messages, and reach multiple phone numbers in just a few clicks.

4. Preventing churn

Magnet pulling a person

Lack of good and timely customer service is one of the top five reasons for companies experiencing a high customer churn rate. Luckily, it can be avoided with automated voice messaging. With these tools, customers can handle many tasks without any intermediary.

For instance, they can use a VoIP call center to reset passwords and deal with account balance inquiries. You can make a pre-recorded message to anticipate questions on specific inquiries. All that together results in better customer service and a lower churn rate.

5. Personal touch

A computer monitor with checkmarks

Did you ever receive a call, text, or email that felt impersonal? This isn’t good for businesses. According to McKinsey, about 76% of consumers reported personalized communications as the key factor that helps them stay with a company or choose another one. 

The good news is you can easily personalize your automated voice messages and make them sound appealing to users. You have endless possibilities to experiment with the content of your messages and test it for results.

What types of businesses benefit from automated voice messaging?

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In short, almost any business can benefit from automated voice messaging. 

Let’s explore cases from different businesses:

  1. Retail. As mentioned above, retail stores use technology to notify consumers of discounts, best deals, and working hours.
  2. Hospitality. Hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies can use automated calling to inform customers of hot offers, some top travel destinations, or happy hours.
  3. Finances. People can use automated voice messaging to change their bank account passwords, use digital banking, check balances, and complete financial transactions.
  4. Healthcare. Patients can use a voice messaging system to schedule or reschedule appointments, check doctor’s working hours, or contact some practitioners.
  5. Any business with a focus on marketing. Overall, any business that has advertising can use voice messaging services.

At this point, there is hardly any business that cannot use or cannot benefit from a platform adapting automated calling systems to the business’s needs. Yet, it is often hard to navigate to the platform offering top-notch services in the multitude of options. Luckily, we know the one that can help. 

How can Ringblaze help?

Ringblaze dashboard on the screen

Ringblaze is a highly optimized and personalized automated voice messaging system promoting effective customer support collaboration and contributing to the sales increase. 

With Ringblaze, you can:

  • Effortlessly manage multiple phone numbers
  • Track all activities and comments via dashboards
  • Have immediate insight into the team’s productivity
  • Set up the entire system in less than 15 minutes
  • Have various options for deployment – Windows, Mac, Cloud, SaaS, and Web
  • Get high-quality services for affordable prices

Ringblaze is an all-in-one solution turning automated voice messaging into a tool boosting your sales, increasing team productivity, and leaves your customers satisfied. Besides, you can easily adjust the entire platform to meet your changing business needs.


Automated voice messaging is the future of effective customer service. As a means of communication, it allows businesses to keep in touch with consumers and ensure all inquiries are resolved quickly.

As we have seen, automated voice messaging saves time and money, increases the company’s outreach, presents an easy way of handling calls, reduces churn rates, and grants a personal touch to communication. A variety of businesses can tap into these benefits. Yet, you need to know what companies to partner with to make that possible.

Ringblaze is the platform that can make it possible for you. If you don’t believe in words, try the tool for free!


What are the advantages of voicemail?

When it comes to voicemail, one can suggest its following advantages: 

  • around-the-clock availability
  • cost-effectiveness
  • phone call screening
  • elimination of on-hold calls.

Overall, more and more people prefer voicemail to e-mail or texting.

What is an automated voice message?

An automated voice message is a telecommunication system transferring a prerecorded voice message to specific contact groups or receivers. It enables broadcasting messages across different channels to achieve more efficient communication.

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