Sometimes, missed calls are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean your potential customer’s first impression has to vanish. Your voicemail greeting is the craft of your business’s first image, and the right one can make all the difference.

Imagine a friendly voice welcoming callers, assuring them their message will be heard, and offering clear next steps. Here is an example of an informative and friendly voicemail greeting:

“Hey there! You’ve reached [your company name]. We’re a passionate team committed to [brief company mission statement]. If we can’t answer right now, take a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!”
This guide explores 12 professional business voicemail greeting templates, helping you craft great ones that reflect your business personality and suit different business tasks.

How to use voicemail for customer support?

While live chat, email, and phone support are commonly utilized channels, voicemail often remains an underutilized resource. However, this method of connecting with the target audience can significantly improve consumer satisfaction. 

By the way, American purchasers are willing to spend an additional 17% to buy from a company known for delivering excellent customer service.

Below, we will consider how to apply the power of voicemail for superior customer service:

how to use business voicemail greeting for great customer support

Set clear expectations

When incorporating voicemail into your customer support strategy, clearly communicate its purpose and availability to your customers. Let them know when to expect a callback and reassure them that their concerns will be solved promptly.

Personalize the experience

Voicemail offers an opportunity to personalize customer interactions. Craft a concise yet friendly message that reflects your brand’s tone and values. If possible, address customers by name and express genuine appreciation for their call.

Provide relevant information

In your voicemail greeting, include details such as your business hours, alternative contact methods, and any specific instructions for leaving a message. Consumers should have all the information they require to contact you effectively.

Monitor and improve

Regularly assess voicemail messages and customer feedback to pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement. Keep an ear out for prevalent pain points or recurring concerns and proactively implement measures to tackle them head-on.

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What makes a superior voicemail greeting?

Crafting an effective voicemail greeting transcends mere recording; it represents a chance to leave a lasting positive impact on callers, setting the stage for their interaction with your organization. Below are some core characteristics that describe the best voicemail greeting for business:

how to create the best voicemail greeting for business


Your greeting should be concise, simple, and easy to understand. Try to avoid applying overly tech language or jargon that might confuse callers. Keep it brief, focusing on providing essential information while maintaining a professional but friendly tone.


You should create greetings with warmth and personality to make callers feel welcome and valued. Use a friendly tone of voice and consider incorporating elements of your brand’s personality or values.


Demonstrate professionalism and politeness in your business voicemail greeting script to convey a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. Address customers respectfully and thank them for reaching out, regardless of the nature of their inquiry.


Ensure that your greeting is relevant to the purpose of the call and provides callers with the information they need. Include details such as your company name, work hours, and instructions for sending a message or contacting an alternative method of support.


Whenever possible, personalize your greeting to reflect your business’s unique characteristics and connect with your target audience. Address callers by name if this information is available, and consider tailoring your message to specific caller demographics or situations.


Make sure your greeting is accessible to all callers, including those with hearing impairments or non-native language speakers. Speak clearly and at a moderate pace, and consider offering a translation or alternative contact method for callers who may require additional assistance.

Make a voicemail greeting according to the mentioned requirements and create a positive and memorable customer experience.

12 top business voicemail greeting examples for different occasions

In this section, you will discover 12 top voicemail greeting templates. You can apply them as an example to create your own.

1. Standard business hours greeting

“Thank you for calling [your company name]. Our office is open and our team is ready to assist you. Please leave your name, number, and a brief message, and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

2. After-hours greeting

“You’ve reached [your company name]. Although our office is currently unavailable, we appreciate your call. Kindly leave a detailed message, including your name and contact number, and we’ll make sure to reach out to you promptly once we’re back in business. Thank you for your understanding!”

3. Holiday season greeting

“Happy holidays from the team at [the name of your company]! While our office takes a break to celebrate, your call remains valuable to us. Please leave a message, and we’ll contact you once we’re back in action. Wishing you a joyful holiday season!”

4. Appointment confirmation greeting

“Hello! You’ve reached [your company name]. If you’re calling to confirm or reschedule an appointment, please leave your name, appointment date and time, and the best number to reach you. We’ll confirm your request as fast as possible. Thank you!”

5. Promotional event greeting

“Thank you for calling [your enterprise name]. We’re currently busy preparing for our upcoming event! If you have any questions or need assistance, please leave your name and contact information, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Have a great day!”

6. Technical support greeting

“You’ve reached the technical support team at [your company name]. Our team is here to help you with any technical challenges you might encounter. Please provide us with a detailed message including your name, contact details, and a concise description of the issue at hand. Rest assured, we’ll contact you promptly to provide support. Thank you!”

7. Product launch greeting

“Welcome to [your company name]! We’re delighted to unveil our newest product. Should you have any inquiries about this exciting addition to our lineup or require assistance with your purchase, please leave us a message. Thank you for choosing us!”

8. Customer feedback greeting

“Thank you for choosing [your company name]. Your feedback means a lot to us! Please leave a message with your comments, suggestions, or concerns, and we’ll use your input to improve our products and services. We appreciate your time!”

9. Emergency closure greeting

“Attention! Unexpected circumstances have closed our office today. If you need urgent assistance, kindly leave a detailed message, and we’ll endeavor to respond promptly. Thank you for your understanding.”

10. Fun & creative greeting

“Greetings from the [your company name] team! We’re currently out conquering the business world, but don’t worry; your message won’t be lost in the jungle. Leave us a roar-some message, and we’ll swing back to you with a wild response. Stay adventurous!”

11. Vacation greeting

“Thank you for contacting [your company name]. I’m currently unavailable but dedicated to your needs. To ensure a swift response upon my return on [date], please send a message including your contact information, name, and the purpose of your call. Thank you!”

12. New Year greeting

“Happy New Year from [your company name]! We’re happy to start on another year of serving you. Our office is closed today as we celebrate, but please leave a message, and we’ll ring in the new year together by returning your call promptly. Here’s to a  joyous and prosperous year ahead!”

By implementing these diverse business voicemail greeting examples, you will handle any work situation. Beyond the script, remember the power of a friendly tone and a genuine appreciation for your callers’ time. 

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Top business benefits of using voicemail

Let’s consider the main benefits of incorporating voicemail into your business strategy, from saving time and money to reducing churn.

  • Time and cost efficiency: Automated voice messaging saves both time and money by streamlining communication processes and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Expanded reach: Voice messaging extends your outreach capabilities, allowing you to connect with a larger audience more efficiently and effectively.
  • Personalized interaction: Despite its automation, voice messaging can still provide a personal touch by allowing customization and tailored messages based on recipient data.
  • Retention enhancement: By engaging customers proactively through automated voice messaging, businesses can effectively prevent churn by addressing concerns, providing support, and maintaining communication.

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  1. What is a top voicemail greeting for business?

A professional voicemail greeting for business should be concise, friendly, and informative. It should add your business name, your availability, and leave instructions for sending a message.

  1. How to record a business voicemail greeting?

To record a professional voicemail greeting, access your phone system, follow the prompts to record a new greeting, speak clearly and confidently, and review and save your recording.

  1. How to create a business voicemail greeting?

Creating a standard business voicemail greeting involves planning the content, writing a script, and recording the greeting using clear and professional language. After that, test the voice greeting.