Imagine walking into a store with lots of cool products and not an employee in sight.

As you wander the aisles, still no one appears to assist you. When you have a question about a product you’re interested in, there isn’t anyone around to ask for help.

A website without a quick and clear way to reach a person is a lot like an empty store. And that’s why adding points of contact, such as a call widget, where customers can reach a customer service agent for help is an essential part of success!

Now, don’t worry. There is a really easy way to customize your website into making it a gateway for people to ask you questions.

By adding a phone right to your homepage with a call widget!

Ringblaze call widget
Adding Ringblaze call widget to your website enables customers to call directly when shopping without leaving your website

Understanding Your Customer’s Need to Communicate

To modern customers, offering a strong form of communication—a click-to-call widget (for phone conversations)—can do the trick. It acts as a signal that a business wants to connect, is open to feedback, and is determined on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the simple image of an open and welcoming website will allow your potential customer to feel comfortable spending money on your website.

But why bother?

You might ask yourself, “Do people really talk on the phone anymore?” The answer is yes! A recent study just found that 88% of your website visitors are likely to call your company if you provide them with a click-to-call button.

If people take the initiative to call you, chances are, they probably want to buy from you, too! We often forget that basic way to have a conversation is through the phone!

Before making a purchase, customers often want access to more information – and quickly.

The click-to-call feature is a widget that is added right on your website. It works by bringing up your phone number and the option to call your business once a user clicks on it.

Ringblaze app for desktop and mobile
Ringblaze call widget
Customizing a call widget
Ringblaze enables to customize the widget to match your brand and website
Call widget branding
Set color and position of widget on your website

Click-to-call is one of the easiest solutions you can give users to quickly get in touch with you for free using a link or call-to-action (CTA) button on your website.

5 reasons to use a call widget

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons to use it.

#1: A call widget will increase Conversions

Users who are ‘ready-to-buy’ are usually the ones that will hit you up on the phone. Those are the best types of customers!

Therefore, adding a calling widget right on your homepage is kind of like having a handy assistant close by to help any customer who might enter our virtual store.

There’s a 400% increase in call-to-conversion rate having a phone CTA. This can result in a 23% increase in the overall sales of your company!

If you want to capture your leads while they’re hot, call ‘em back!

Users who use the calling widget on your website are ready to buy and searching for answers, so call them back immediately and watch your sales/revenue shoot up!

#2: A call widget will Save You and your Customers Money

Knowing who you’re supposed to sell to is a very important aspect to understanding your customers’ purchasing behaviors. This can determine whether you’re the type of business that needs to add a click-to-call CTA.

How many times do we get frustrated that there’s a certain international website that offers goods or services, that we’d like to know more about by contacting someone directly; only to realize that getting your questions answered will result in a hefty fee on your monthly phone bill.

Fortunately for you, services such as that offered by Ringblaze will allow your customers to call you using their internet connection with no additional cellphone-carrier cost!

Ringblaze call widget works around the world
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Using the call widget embedded on your website will allow customers to reach you at no additional cost!

#3: A call widget will Show your Openness for Communication

Following your customers’ satisfaction and customizing your website to meet the needs of your target audience should be your number one focus for your business or company.

64% of website visitors grow frustrated if they search a website that doesn’t list a phone number for communication.

In fact, not having a phone number listed decreases conversions and gives off a wrong message; a lack of interest in communication on your end.

Need to remind you of how bad it looks to walk into an empty store?

It would actually discourage communication if you only offer your customers the option to fill out a form to contact you or an email to contact your support team. Which could lead to a decrease in sales and offering poor customer service as your customers will likely try to search for another alternative to your business.

On the other hand, your target audience will click on the call widget if it’s available and visible, no matter the device they’re using.

When you give your customers the chance to call and communicate with them directly, it also improves their experience on your website. Implementing a direct call widget allows you to create a source of customer feedback and to take your feature request management one step further.

Click-to-call campaigns have proven to have a high ROI and the statistics support this notion.

#4: A call widget will Enable Smartphone Users to Visit your Website On-The-Go

Name me someone that doesn’t own a smartphone these days. Go ahead. I’m waiting.

An important strategy to implement when it comes to communication with your customers is creating a website that could be accessed from any device.

Real-time response is also a very important factor to real-time conversions because it allows you to meet all of the customer’s doubts in one go; thus, allowing him or her to reach a quicker decision. Cassie Mogilner and Jennifer Aaker (2009) have concluded that when a customer is faced with two choices, cheaper or quicker, most will choose the ‘quicker’ option!

Here’s another statistic for you: 90% of mobile searches result in a phone call!

Yup, you read that right. According to the Search Engine Journal, the number one source of calls to businesses are mobile searches!

Not impressed, yet? Well, the most effective way to increase traffic, user performance, and revenue (I call them, ‘the three musketeers’), is to adapt to your customer’s need for mobile usage—according to the Interaction Design Foundation.

Hence adding a click-to-call widget that allows your customers to reach you, no matter the device they’re using.

#5: A call widget will Show your Readiness for Response

Adding a calling widget to your website is a sure way to engage your customers and stay on top of your customer’s inquiries and questions.

So you have to make sure that the grass is green on the other side, too.

Having a calling widget on your website means website visitors will click it. You and/or your sales team will need to be ready to put up with the minimum 20% increase in calls!

Be sure to prepare your team by sharing the callbox with them in order to never miss a call.

With Ringblaze, you can also “access customer timelines, listen to recorded or missed calls, read team notes, and stay in the loop to be ready to jump in at any time!”

Ringblaze desktop and mobile app
Ringblaze dashboard: calls & texts for desktop and mobile
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The main takeaways that you’ll definitely need to take into consideration are these:

  • Consider the cost-saving call widget. Invest in a click-to-call software to add to your website to save your consumers the additional cost and frustration it would take to reach your business.
  • Providing Immediate Feedback. Nothing like an empty store with no help to discourage your users from spending money and investing in your business. Make sure that you add points of assistance to answer any questions from your customers in real-time.
  • Mobile-Friendly. Allowing your customers to reach you while they’re browsing through their phone will increase your conversions by up-to 200%.

    If you want to try a VoIP provider, consider Ringblaze. Give it a go by clicking here. It is 100% free to try!

    Originally published on November 1, 2021. Updated November 25, 2022.