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Professional toll-free phone numbers—like those with the 866 area code—allow customers to call businesses from around the world without a cent being charged to the client. Looking professional and trustworthy, they eliminate customer concerns when calling them. In our new article, we address what an 866 area code is, what it means for your business and how your business can scoop one up.
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Running a call center efficiently can be a tough task – you can have dozens of employees working in shifts, handling several clients at the same time. If your team doesn’t have the necessary tools to collaborate and make the whole process run smoothly, you’re running the risk of losing money and customers.

That’s why many companies opt for VoIP business phone systems – more advanced and efficient than traditional landlines, these tools are developed to make your agents more productive and their jobs easier.

In this article, we will be going through some of the most important facts about call centers, VoIP business phone systems, as well as the most important reasons why your call center should opt for one.