If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably tried Dialpad but it doesn’t work for you.

Maybe you’re looking for a tool that loads faster, is simpler to use, and doesn’t cost as much as Dialpad. Like you, we’ve also been in that place and we’ve tried a lot of Dialpad alternatives to find the one that worked for us and what we need a business phone system to do. However, we couldn’t find a solution, so we decided to create our own tool — this is how Ringblaze was born.

Ringblaze is a super simple business phone service. Before we built it, we spent weeks researching and testing tons of different Dialpad alternative apps, some of which we’ll cover in this article. We’ve based this article on our own experience.

The apps we talk about in this article are the top Dialpad alternatives you can get in the market today. 

Why do people choose Dialpad

There are a few reasons why people choose Dialpad. First, setting it up and getting it running is fairly easy. Because Dialpad allows you to make VoIP calls, create a customer, a sales or a web conference center, it can be used in a few different scenarios. Their user experience is okay and the mobile and desktop apps are reliable. 

The top four Dialpad alternatives

Okay, now that you know why some people use Dialpad, let’s take a look at the top Dialpad alternatives available on the market right now. We hope that this list will help you find the one alternative that works for your needs. 


Ringblaze is our take on a business phone service and is currently one of the best Dialpad alternatives that you can get. With Ringblaze, we’ve created an app that people love using because it helps make their phone communication more simple and efficient. No matter what you do, Ringblaze will provide you with top-notch features and support all your communication efforts.

Ringblaze’s features

Instead of offering a bunch of different features that will only confuse you, Ringblaze is designed to run in the background and help you focus on your business. Some of the standout features of Ringblaze include:

  • Shared dashboard —No matter the industry you’re in, no one likes when their call is unanswered or misplaced. With Ringblaze, you don’t have to worry about that as all calls are kept in a single dashboard, allowing you or your team instant access to them no matter where their platform or location. With the shared dashboard feature, Ringblaze helps keep everyone on the same page. Unlike other competitors that charge a premium for this feature, it is included in all Ringblaze plans.
  • Free toll-free calls — With RignBlaze, any of your customers, no matter where they’re located around the world can call your toll-free phone number without paying a dime, allowing you to provide everyone with support or other inquiries.
  • Fast deployment — While Dialpad can be set up in under an hour, Ringblaze can be set up in no time. Within just 15 minutes, you can start receiving your first call. You don’t need any additional desktop or mobile apps to get started with Ringblaze.
  • Assign, forward, route and record calls — You can assign any of your calls in Ringblaze, ensuring that everyone knows which call is for them, which eliminates any confusion or lost calls. Any call can be easily forwarded or routed, which ensures that the caller gets their inquiry answered quickly. Calls can also be recorded making them available for training or other purposes.
  • Unlimited phone numbers from 22 countries — With the unlimited VoIP phone number feature, you can reduce or even eliminate call termination costs.
Ringblaze call us now widget
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Ringblaze app for desktop and mobile
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Ringblaze app for desktop and mobile
Customers call for free from all over the world

Ringblaze vs Dialpad — How are they different?

The main goal of Ringblaze is to provide our users with an easy-to-use product, whether you’re using it for customer support, sales or any other scenario. Because of this, we’re focusing on creating features and optimizing our product in a way that makes using our product an enjoyable experience for businesses of all sizes.

Ringblaze app for desktop and mobile

On the other hand, using Dialpad can seem complicated at times due to how many features they offer. At Ringblaze, balancing between features and usability is important to us. This is why our features are both simple and powerful to help teams work effectively.

When comparing the cost of Ringblaze and Dialpad, you can also see why Ringblaze is a much more simpler and efficient choice. Unlike Dialpad which offers nine different plans, we keep it simple at just one — $15 per user a month (when billed annually), which can be paid monthly or annually. We also offer a free trial.

free trial


Aircall is a cloud-based call center software that can be integrated with a CRM. It works on desktop and mobile, allowing you to take calls anywhere.

Some of the standout features of Aircall include a power dialer, which can trigger different workflows and automation to minimize the downtime between two calls. Aircall also allows you to tag calls and provide more context to the next agent that speaks to the caller. There is also the live feed feature, which you can use to see the capacity of each agent and better balance their workloads and your overall resources.

Aircall is available in three different pricing plans. The Essentials plan starts at $30 per user per month when billed annually and it includes unlimited inbound calls (but not toll-free), call recording, voicemail and more. The Professional plan starts at $50 per user per month when billed annually and it includes all features from the Essentials plan plus a few more such as integrations, reporting and live call monitoring. A free trial is available.

There is also the custom plan which includes different features depending on your specific needs. The pricing of the custom plan is not available online and you’ll need to request a custom quote from their team.

Aircall vs Dialpad — how are they different?

When comparing the two apps, Dialpad is a bit easier to use. Some might argue that Aircall is primarily a cloud call center software which justifies its complexity but we believe it’s a valid comparison as Dialpad can be used in a call center environment.

Aircall is easier to set up as there is less work that needs to be done to get it running. Dialpad is 2 times cheaper than Aircall, but it’s still a valid alternative to Dialpad to consider.

Our experience using Aircall as a call center solution

Based on our experience, when making or receiving calls in certain regions, there are some connectivity issues. We have also noticed that when making outbound calls, a number that appears is from a different region than ours which can be a huge issue for some. 

Their support has also proven to be unreliable at times and based on what people are saying online, this is quite common.

Aircall summary

You should use Aircall if:

  • You’re running a call center and are looking for an all-round solution
  • Detailed analytics and reporting are important to your business 


Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that works by adding a business line and a virtual phone system to a personal phone, making it a great solution for those with simple setups.

Grasshopper offers toll-free numbers, call forwarding and multiple extensions support. Since it works on phones, there is a mobile app, as well as a desktop one. The apps can receive voicemails and send text messages. You can use Grasshopper to receive incoming faxes as PDF attachments in email, instead of having to rely on an actual fax machine. 

At the moment, Grasshopper is only available in the USA and Canada in three plans — Solo, Partner and Small Business. The Solo plan is $26 per account per month and it gives you one phone number and up to three extensions. The Partner plan includes three numbers and up to six extensions, while the Small Business plan includes five phone numbers and no limit on the number of extensions. There is also a 7-day free trial.

Grasshopper vs Dialpad — how are they different?

With Grasshopper, all the features that you pay for are there for you to use, unlike Dialpad, which does require you to upgrade to a more expensive plan to use all the features. Grasshopper can be cheaper than Dialpad. It also offers vanity numbers, which can be an advantage to some users.

Our experience using Grasshopper as a business phone solution

Setting up Grasshopper was somewhat easy because it took us some time to figure out the different levels of user access. The call quality is sometimes poor and there have been a few instances where voicemails were randomly deleted. Caller ID doesn’t work every time, which could be a potential issue.

Grasshopper summary

You should use Grasshopper if:

  • You’re a small or business or a solopreneur based in the US or Canada (as Grasshopper is only available in these two countries) looking for a simple business phone solution
  • You need a cheap solution that can be set up quickly


Vonage is a communications platform that offers business phone systems, contact center solutions and communication APIs (think Twilio). 

Some of the most useful features of Vonage include a virtual receptions feature that allows you to route calls to different people or departments. There is also a click-to-call button that can help your customers reach you more easily.

Vonage is offered in three different pricing plans based on the number of lines. Their Mobile plans start at $19.99 per month per line and includes unlimited calls, SMS, and their app center. The Premium plan also includes meetings, an auto-attendant feature and it starts at $29.99 per month per line. Their most comprehensive plan is $39.99 per month per line and it also includes call recording and visual voicemail. Vonage can be tested out in a 14-day free trial.

Vonage vs Dialpad — how are they different?

When comparing the two solutions, Dialpad is easier to set up but Vonage requires less effort to administrate. 

Vonage offers a bit more features and integrations. However, their phone support is limited to accounts only accounts that have more expensive plans.

Our experience using Vonage as a business phone solution

Vonage is easy to deploy and manage. However, if you run into any problems, jumping through hoops with their support to get to a real person can be a pain. Also, calls do fail at times and there is an echo when making calls.

Vonage summary

You should get Vonage if:

  • You’re looking for a robust solution with a lot of features
  • Have the budget to get the more expensive plans to unlock them

Wrapping up

Dialpad is a great business phone solution that is easy to set up and use, whether you need it for sales or a customer service center. However, if you’re looking for an even simpler tool that offers better features and a comparable pricing plan without any hidden costs, you should consider Ringblaze. 

free trial

Sign up for Ringblaze now and start making better business calls in seconds.

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