Creating a solid foundation for your business means doing everything in your power to improve all internal processes. One of the core ways to boost your business processes is to implement a cloud-based phone system.

Besides, it’s the perfect solution for streamlining in-house correspondence. A cloud-based phone system is crucial in creating an effective call center. It’s one of the best ways to empower your customer support agents. Five9 does an excellent job in this regard – it packs a lot of useful features and integrates with some of the most popular tools on the market.

But since you’re here, you’re likely seeking viable Five9 alternatives that’ll suit your business needs more. Let’s first look at what makes Five9 such a great option, and we’ll then explore the best alternatives, such as Ringblaze, Talkdesk, and 8×8.

What makes Five9 a great choice?

five9 dashboard
Image source: Five9

Five9 is a great solution for all businesses looking to implement an effective phone system in their business processes. The platform has plenty of features that also make it a compelling call center software solution.

The testimonials on their page show what some well-known brands were able to achieve by deploying the Five9 call center software. Let’s take a look at a couple of core features that make Five9 good.

  • CRM integrations — Five9 integrates with other software tools you’re already using. Integration support makes this software tool more powerful, as all the essential information goes to your business database.
  • Intuitive interface with customer experience in focus — Many software tools complicate things with unintuitive design. However, Five9 does a great job of keeping everything simple. That’s important for in-house communication, but more importantly, it’ll let your customers efficiently use the platform and easily get in touch with your brand.
  • IVR system — The platform features a speech-enabled IVR system that makes it easier for customers to navigate through your contact center solution just by using their voice. Plus, you get more information about their call before they get in touch with you.
  • AI features — Use the platform’s AI features to automate parts of client conversations. It’s a great way to get better insight into customers’ needs before they get in contact with an actual customer support agent. It keeps the communication seamless and makes your customer support more effective.
  • Analytics —  Five9 heavily focuses on improving your customers’ experience. The platform comes with analytics features that’ll help you detect weak points in your customer contact center. You can use the data to improve it gradually.

Even though this platform comes with numerous useful features, there are several alternatives to consider. Let’s explore them in more detail.

What are some great Five9 alternatives?

The contact center software market is a very competitive space. Numerous tools target specific audiences with their unique features. Therefore, if you’re thinking of changing the phone system in your company, there’s a wide range of available options.

We’ll analyze the following Five9 alternatives:

  • Ringblaze
  • Talkdesk
  • 8×8


Five9 alternatives: Ringblaze
Ringblaze dashboard
Ringblaze desktop and mobile app
Ringblaze app for desktop and mobile

Ringblaze is an excellent option for small businesses looking for call center software that provides a lot of value. You get to enjoy numerous features with us while not having to pay insanely high prices.

This software tool comes with unique features that empower contact centers and customer support teams. What’s more, using our website widgets will help you better serve your customers while they’re browsing your platform.

Ringblaze features

Ringblaze is a call center software with features that improve customer experience and help your sales team achieve better results. You get the best of both worlds – a growing number of sales and higher retention rates. 

Our platform makes this possible with the following features:

  • Unique workflows —  With our cloud-based communication solution, you get all the customization that you need. Create specific workflows that improve coordination between your customer support teams and sales teams. You can make call center management much easier with this feature at hand.
  • Implement a call widget on your website — Sales teams will love this widget. It makes Ringblaze such a powerful call center software because a customer can reach out to your customer support agents in a matter of seconds. That’s a perfect way to increase conversion rates, as your agents can quickly meet the customer’s needs.
  • Ease of use — From the moment you land on the Ringblaze platform, everything looks user-friendly. You don’t need any hardware on your premises. Simply set up the cloud-based solution in a matter of minutes and start using it.
  • Unique phone numbers — Use the tool to create unique phone numbers that are easy to memorize. 
  • Available globally — Ringblaze is available globally. You can use the platform to create business phone numbers anywhere in the world. Plus, you can set up toll-free numbers for your customers.
Ringblaze call us now widget
Customers call for free via Ringblaze call widget placed on website

Aside from these features, you get much more with Ringblaze.
Try out the free trial to see how the platform has to offer!

Ringblaze vs Five9 – differences

Five9 premium pricing is only suitable for bigger businesses. Even though the platform has a lot to offer for enterprise communications, small businesses will likely not opt for it because of its pricing.

Ringblaze has incomparably cheaper plans and offers more features for the price. Additionally, Five9 doesn’t offer a free trial, while Ringblaze does. Small business owners will find significantly more value with the latter option.

Ringblaze claim free trial banner


Five9 alternatives: Talkdesk
Image source: Talkdesk

There’s an abundance of Talkdesk competitors, which means that the company is consistently working on improving its platform to meet the client’s expectations. So far, it remains one of the best contact center software providers.

The range of features makes call centers very effective for offering customer support as they offer numerous communication channels, easy customer interactions, and deep insights.

Talkdesk features

Talkdesk is a big platform that offers all the features that a professional call center should have. In the sea of available options and settings, you’ll find the following features important:

  • Integrations — Much like Five9, Talkdesk also supports a lot of integration options. You can attach it to other software tools for better contact rates and customer retention. You’ll learn more about your customers with more data in your arsenal.
  • Collaboration — Smooth collaboration is vital when it comes to quality customer support. Contact center solutions become more effective when teams of agents can work together to offer the best service. Aside from easier task management, your customer support team can establish better agent availability by working closer together.
  • AI support — Businesses in all industries can benefit from partially automating their customer interactions. Talkdesk comes with features that’ll enable you to achieve that quickly.
  • Workforce engagement — This feature helps businesses improve their employee performance. The platform monitors the employees’ engagement and detects how an employee can grow more.
  • Analytics — A contact center can become better only if you notice particular trends, patterns, and weaknesses. Talkdesk analytics can point you in the right direction and help you improve your contact center effectiveness.

There are many other features to consider, such as the predictive dialer, screen sharing, video conferencing, queue management, mobile app, and many more. Still, we believe the ones from the list to be crucial for future Talkdesk users.

Talkdesk vs Five9 – differences

Both of these cloud-based contact center software tools have a lot in common – they even advertise themselves as suitable for businesses of all sizes. However, their pricing seems to target enterprise clients.

There aren’t too many differences between these platforms.

Similar to Ringblaze, the most significant difference comes down to pricing. Talkdesk is a more affordable contact center solution with a starting price of $65 per seat per month.


Five9 alternatives: 8x8
Image source: 8×8

8×8 is a very competitive cloud-based contact center. It brings a lot of value to small businesses, but it’s also scalable to fit enterprise communications needs.

With over 30 years as a VoIP service provider, 8×8 has become one of the biggest contact centers. It is an excellent alternative to Five9, as it comes with all the features that any business might need.

8×8 features

Staying in the group of great Five9 alternatives means repeatedly delivering outstanding services to your client. 8×8 has been able to achieve that goal for decades now, amassing millions of happy customers in the process. Here are the features that many of its clients enjoy.

  • Video conferencing — 8×8 offers video conferencing to its users. It’s a great way to keep remote teams close.
  • Integrations — Getting more customers means learning more about the existing ones. Luckily all that is easier with various integrations that 8×8 offers. Use the tool to implement it with the most popular CRM platforms and understand your customers better.
  • Everything in one place — the 8×8 app is available on all big platforms. That applies to both computers and mobile devices. You can manage all your call activities from the app.
  • Analytics — Analytics helps businesses improve the quality of their omnichannel cloud contact center. They can collect various call details and use the data to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Team chat — Those looking to bring their teams together can use the team chat feature. It’s an effective way of seamlessly improving in-house collaboration.
  • Extensive training resources – Last but not least, anyone who decides to use 8×8 can fall back on their vast training resources. It’ll be necessary to learn everything about the platform’s functionalities and make the most out of all these features.

You can check out all of these features with a free trial, which is not something that all the other competitors offer.

8×8 vs Five9 – differences

8×8 bundle offers a great set of services for a cloud contact center. But we can say the same for Five9. They’ve both managed to develop robust cloud contact centers. The feature set of both these platforms has everything small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises would need.

However, those who are only interested in adding a phone system to their business can enjoy a very low 8×8 starting price of $12. But, getting access to all the advanced features alongside the contact center starts at $95 per user per month.

Therefore, we can say that both these cloud contact center providers target large enterprises with their advanced features.

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Five9 alternatives: FAQs

Who are the competitors of Five9?

There are numerous products in the market that compete with Five9. Some alternatives to Five9 include:
– Ringblaze
– Talkdesk
– 8×8
– Nextiva
– Avaya
And many other companies. Practically any cloud call center provider in the market is a Five9 competitor.

What type of software is Five9?

Five9 is a cloud-based contact center that helps businesses improve customer satisfaction. It enables customer support teams to communicate with clients via phone, SMS, video, chat, email, social media channels, and more.
Building good contact centers requires using the right features. Five9 includes all the crucial ones for achieving that goal.

How many employees does Five9 have?

As of December of 2020, the company has over 1500 employees. At the time of writing, there are over 200 open positions for new employees.

Five9 alternatives: Concluding thoughts

Five9 is an excellent platform for creating contact centers that offer outstanding customer service. However, with numerous alternatives to Five9 in the cloud market, we’ve examined the best ones for you.

All the abovementioned Five9 alternatives are great for companies that want to build a cloud-based call center. But we have to say that all the platforms come with very high starting prices aside from Ringblaze.

The overall conclusion is that Ringblaze is something that a small business owner should pick. It offers a competitive price without sacrificing any of the core features and the quality of service. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best value among phone systems, Ringblaze is an excellent option.

Try out its free trial and explore all the features that make this platform an excellent choice!

Originally published on September 14, 2021. Updated April 13, 2022.