ORANGE COUNTY, December 4, 2019 — Ringblaze Inc., a California based software company, launches a new click-to call collaboration phone support aimed at helping business teams dramatically increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. With the rise of smartphone, Ringblaze addresses one crucial problem: the lack of adaptability of businesses to mobile users in regards to voice dominance.

BIA/Kelsey analysts estimate CTC influenced more than $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending this year. Ringblaze uniquely delivers the click-to-call feature, which is unlike many competitors products free for customers to use, with a complex business phone solution so that everything is conveniently in one place. Call data are high value lead sources for business to measure campaign success rates and with Ringblaze, companies will be able to gauge their strategies and monitor calls in a more effective way.

“Executive teams are in need of a way to monitor and evaluate their company’s call center effectiveness and they just can’t do that easily today. There is not much transparency.” says Dennis Vu, one of founders and CEO of Ringblaze. Call recordings in personal customer history timelines provide insight into front-line customer support quality and content. The advantage over text data fed by live chat is that listening to the voice and tone provides much richer high-value information that can be analyzed and used in a meaningful way.

Ringblaze’s C2C website widget works globally and solves difficulties remote customers are often facing, such as unaffordability of a phone call conversation or broken off calls. And while the company provides phone numbers for geographical locations of US and Canada at this point, work on coverage expansion is in gears.

Global workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion workers (over 42 percent of the global workforce) by 2022 per IBM estimates. Ringblaze currently supports up to 100 users that can collaboratively share one company dashboard along with their personal profiles to cover the need for growing call teams from virtually any location.

Use of voice-based artificial intelligence assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, indicate that voice interaction is becoming a primary way to receive and give information. Calls communication channel is gaining in volume. BIA/Kelsey report reveals that consumers will call businesses 169 billion times by 2020. “Need for calls spilled into more sectors rather than just auto, fiances and health, and is becoming an imperative in survival. The average person types 38-40 words per minute, whereas most people speak at the average speed 100-130 words per minute. With that being said, what would be your preferred way to communicate your problem when you are in a need of a quick solution?”, asks Dennis Vu.

Implementing Ringblaze means for businesses that their customers are only a click away from connecting with them in becomingly the most potent way, without ever leaving their websites and abandoning their purchase intentions.

The founders formed Ringblaze to help customers keep up with the growing trends of conversation economy and effortlessly adapt tools that would condition them to continuously grow their businesses successfully.

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