Setting up a VoIP phone system for your business should not be difficult. This is exactly why you’ll research virtual phone communication tools like Zadarma. The platform has many positive aspects, but its downsides convince most users to explore other options like Ringblaze.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a virtual phone system, you’ve probably run into Zadarma already. It’s a popular cloud-based VoIP service with clients from all over the world. 

But is Zadarma good enough for your company?

The short answer is: It depends on your business communication needs.

Zadarma is a reliable phone service provider with a broad scope of functions that can help you build a stable communication system. The company keeps adding fresh features to the portfolio, so you can count on continuous improvements in the long run.

But it’s far from perfect.

Like many other platforms, the Zadarma Android app and all of its other versions have drawbacks that might not fit well into your customer support culture. 

In this post, we will provide you with a detailed Zadarma review. We will show you how it works, explain its pros and cons, and mention a few alternatives that you might want to check before choosing a virtual phone system. 

Let’s take a look!

Table of contents

  1. Zadarma: The basics
  2. Key features of Zadarma
  3. Pros and cons of the platform
  4. Zadarma pricing plans
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

Zadarma review: The basics

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Zadarma is a telecommunications company that offers VoIP, virtual PBX, and SIP trunking services. It’s a business-oriented system that enables phone call services without the need for a conventional phone line. 

They’ve been around since 2006, gradually expanding the portfolio and adding new functions to the system. With this app, you can receive or redirect calls to any phone number in the world and open voicemail messages online. Another option is to download messages as MP3 files. 

Zadarma also offers call recording and fax-to-email services. Many other functions are available, including SMS messaging and call tracking. Here’s what the company says about its services:

  • Zadarma currently has over two million users in 160 countries
  • They set up more than 30 thousand phone numbers worldwide
  • The platform reportedly enables companies to save up to 90% on a phone system

Zadarma helps you set up toll-free numbers, giving your business a chance to improve customer support. In addition, the system provides a number of features specifically for companies, such as conference calling and call recording.

Back in 2019, Zadarma launched a brand new customer relationship management (CRM) system to provide clients with additional services. They also activated speech analytics in over 50 languages. 

The platform makes it possible to establish a full-scale international organization from wherever you want. You can do it remotely while creating a network of employees, business partners, and customers. 

But Zadarma is not targeting enterprise-level organizations only. On the contrary, this cloud-based phone system also works for smaller teams and solopreneurs who need virtual phone networks. 

Zadarma review: Key features

Zadarma is an all-around phone service system with dozens of more or less important tools and functions. But we want to describe five features that matter to almost all organizations. Here they are.


VoIP is the most notable Zadarma feature because it enables you to make the most of both worlds—traditional landlines and the Internet. The system provides clients with high-quality incoming calls by using reliable routes.

It guarantees access to the designated phone number regardless of your location so that you can receive calls without interruptions. Besides that, you can make free phone calls with the Zadarma network that spreads across nearly 200 countries. 

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Virtual phone numbers

Another benefit of using Zadarma comes in the form of virtual phone numbers. You can set up a virtual number in a country of your interest, so local partners can reach you no matter where you are. The system drastically cuts costs by eliminating expensive international calls. 

At the same time, you get a wide range of standard phone service options. These include an automatic setup of phone numbers and seeing the names of your callers.

SMS function

SMS is one of the oldest means of digital communication, and Zadarma did not forget about it. The system enables users to send and receive SMS messages through their virtual phone numbers. However, it is important to mention that you need to activate the function manually. 

There are three ways to send an SMS. The first option is to do it right from your Zadarma personal account. The second option is to send messages through your mobile app, while the third solution is to rely on API for SMS texting. 


Zadarma recently launched its own CRM, so it’s worth checking out. The system enables seamless integration with Zadarma PBX and lots of automation features. That includes lead generation, behavioral data, and database structuring.

This CRM has a user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate. But on the other hand, Zadarma CRM still doesn’t offer important functions like opportunity management, interaction tracking, and campaign management.

Zadarma tools

The last feature we want to mention is a set of tools that enrich Zadarma. Here’s what these tools include:

  • Speech analytics: It helps all departments gain precious user-related insights. 
  • Call tracking: This tool helps you evaluate advertising channels easier than ever before.
  • Callback button: It’s a good way to boost website conversion rates.   
  • Click-to-call button: This call widget turns your site into a user-friendly communication platform.  
  • Video conferencing: It eliminates the need for external video conferencing tools. 

With these tools, Zadarma becomes a bit more versatile platform for businesses eager to take their phone-based services to the next level.

Use Ringblaze to enable the ‘Call Us Now’ function

Ringblaze call widget

User-friendliness is the name of the game in modern customer service. And is there anything more user-friendly than allowing your clients to give you a call with a single click? 

With Ringblaze, you can add a ‘Call Us Now’ button to your website in less than a minute. That way, you will help your customers quickly get in touch with you.

It requires a quick setup and is ready to use. The design is extremely user-friendly — the button will be noticeable on your website, and it will be obvious to your visitors that clicking it will initiate a call.

Ringblaze call us now feature

The feature also integrates well with other Ringblaze services, such as call forwarding and call controls, allowing you to manage the entire process from the minute a user views your website to the moment your agent wraps up the call. And the greatest part is that all of this is entirely free for your users, no matter when or where they call.

Make sure to sign up for Ringblaze now and make use of this awesome feature!

Access a free trial
Zadarma key features overviewYes/No
Call center managementYes
Automated call distributionYes
Interactive whiteboardNo
Help desk managementYes
Predictive dialerYes
Speech-to-text analysisNo
Data analyticsYes
Meeting managementNo
Lead generationYes
Lead qualificationYes
Task progress trackingNo
Collaboration toolsNo
SIP trunkingYes
Video conferencingYes
Task management trackingNo
SMS messagesYes

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Zadarma review: Pros and cons

Every program that covers such a wide range of functions must have both pros and cons, and so does Zadarma. Our goal is to highlight the biggest advantages of using this platform, but we will also talk about the not-so-good aspects of Zadarma. 

Zadarma benefits

Zadarma offers you useful tools and features, so it’s not easy to pick the best ones. But we had to stop somewhere, and this is what we found.


Zadarma is a relatively affordable tool that suits the budget of almost all companies and individual users. They make it easy to set up a virtual phone number, and you’ll get to send and receive SMS messages very cheaply. We found lots of user reviews like this one:

Zadarma review: Cost reduction benefits

Setting it up is easy

Most users are worried about new tools because it usually takes a while to set up a program and get used to it. This is not an issue with Zadarma because it comes with a user-friendly and straightforward setup process. 

The deployment is simple, and it probably won’t take more than five minutes of your time. Even if you are a beginner-level client who is not too tech-savvy, Zadarma won’t look so scary. 

Zadarma disadvantages

We already mentioned that Zadarma wasn’t perfect, but now it’s time to elaborate. Let’s take a look at the cons of using this platform. 

Poor customer service

In a world where 95% of users claim customer service is important for brand loyalty, you cannot afford to have subpar customer support tools. But this is precisely the case with Zadarma support since too many users express service-related dissatisfaction.

We found dozens of comments on Capterra and other user review websites claiming that Zadarma’s customer support is just bad. Take a look at this one, for example:

Zadarma negative review

And here’s another angry customer:

Zadarma review: Dislikes

Even the best tools experience issues from time to time, which is why everybody needs a good customer support team. Zadarma lacks in that field. 

Not too many third-party integrations

Most companies now use multiple tools to process their operations. It means that third-party integrations become critical to the functioning of any team out there. However, Zadarma does not support enough third-party integrations. 

At the moment, the company offers only 15 third-party integrations. Although some major players are there (like Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot), there is more than enough room for adding dozens of other tools to the integrations list. 

Frequent technical issues

Many customers complain about frequent technical issues with hardware and software phones. Besides that, they also mention other annoying glitches that force users to ask for help from customer support. Besides that, a complex sign-up process doesn’t make things better.

The bottom line is that Zadarma has a broad portfolio of affordable functions, but the price alone can hardly compensate for all the glitches and customer support failures. It kind of reminds us of common issues with other VoIP systems, so feel free to read our GoToConnect review as well.  

Zadarma review: Pricing plans

The Zadarma pricing policy is somewhat complicated because the company operates in so many countries. That’s why they might not offer the same features in different countries. But Zadarma does have three standard packages that we will discuss here. 

Standard plan

The first plan is Standard, and it is cost-free. Zadarma recommends it for teams of up to five members. It looks like an ideal solution for small units, but the Standard package lacks many features you’d expect from the business phone system

You don’t get any free outgoing minutes or virtual phone numbers with this plan. Cloud storage for call recordings is limited to 200Mb, and there are no free speech recognition minutes. 

Office plan

Zadarma recommends its Office plan for teams with up to 10 members. The price is €18 a month. The package includes multiple features, including these: 

  • Outgoing calls with 2,000 free minutes
  • A couple of free virtual phone numbers
  • Up to 50 users/devices
  • Video conferences with up to 50 participants

If you take into account other functions like free speech recognition minutes and CRM, you’ll see that Zadarma offers quite a lot for such a low price.

Corporation plan

This package targets all teams with up to 400 members, and its price is €36 a month. But you are free to customize the plan and expand it based on your business preferences. 

The Corporation package includes all the features you’ll see in the Office plan, but it’s more generous. It gives you additional free outgoing minutes, virtual phone numbers, maximum users/devices, etc. 


Zadarma is a virtual phone system that helps clients solidify business communication. This is particularly the case with entrepreneurs who operate in multiple countries and need a stable virtual phone connection worldwide. 

At the same time, Zadarma comes with its own CRM platform. Many clients find it useful because they want to unify business communication and customer relationship services. 

But does it make Zadarma the best VoIP system out there? 

Definitely not.

Ringblaze gives you a lot more features to design a more powerful phone system. The setup is easy as it requires no more than 15 minutes. The best thing about Ringblaze is that you can count on highly professional customer support around the clock if you ever need any. 

So what are you waiting for—go to Ringblaze and unlock the power of global communication!

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Zadarma review: FAQs

Is Zadarma legitimate?

Yes, Zadarma com is legitimate. It’s a company that offers cloud-based phone services and it has many clients all over the globe. According to the official website, Zadarma currently operates in 160 countries. Zadarma clearly states data about its companies in Spain, the UK, and Bulgaria. 
You can see it all on their website in the ‘About Us’ section. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that Zadarma is legit. But if you are still not convinced, feel free to learn more about other tools like and its alternatives.

How does Zadarma work?

Zadarma works by establishing a virtual phone system for businesses. The platform operates online, which means you can set up everything remotely. After installing the program, you can order and take advantage of virtual phone numbers.
You can go out of the country and still make or receive phone calls with your international or local partners. This system aims to simplify business communication and eliminate all those user-unfriendly voice messages.

Is Zadarma a VoIP?

Yes, Zadarma is a VoIP service that can be used worldwide. It features a Cloud PBX, multi-channel virtual phone numbers and a customer relationship management system.

Is Zadarma free?

It depends on your business needs. There is a free plan, but its options are limited, and you won’t be able to make the most of Zadarma. On the other hand, paid plans enable users to enjoy a variety of options. 
The two options include Office and Corporation plans. Both packages come with a fair share of features that can improve your business communication. Besides that, they have an in-built CRM tool that helps you better understand and handle customer relationships.

How do I receive SMS on Zadarma?

You can get Zadarma SMS messages in a few different ways. The first option is to receive an SMS on your smartphone through the Zadarma app for Android or iOS. Besides that, there are alternative SMS messaging solutions: SMS to email, instant messengers, and SMS mobile forwarding.

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