1. Can I install Ringblaze Call Widget on multiple websites?

    You can install Ringblaze Call Widget on an unlimited number of websites. It can also be added to e-mail signatures.

  2. Can I call the user back if a call from Call Widget gets disconnected?

    Yes. Please follow these steps:

    • Select the inbound call log for the Call Widget
    • Click on the Call icon to call the user back
  3. Can international customers call me via the call widget on my website?

    The call widget works as a chat support widget, and customers can initiate the phone call from your website wherever they are. It is free for customers to make phone calls and minimal costs for the businesses to receive calls.

  4. Can I make international calling?

    Yes. We currently support 217+ countries and territories.

  5. Does Ringblaze offer Desktop App?

    Yes. For the best experience, please use Google Chrome as your web browser. To download the desktop app, please follow these steps:

    • Log in to your Ringblaze account
    • Click on Install App on the menu and follow the instruction.
  6. How can I check voicemails?
    • Select the call log that has voicemail icon
    • Click on the player to listen to voicemail right from the browser
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