Author: Dennis Vu

  1. Collaboration
The 212 area code is New York City's smallest and most densely populated area code, available to about 2 million people in Manhattan. The 212 area code is also one of the most famous phone codes in the world. In this article, we review all specificities of this code and answer the question if and how you can obtain it with the help of Ringblaze.
  1. Best Practices
Running an effective customer support team in 2022 without a VoIP business phone system is virtually impossible – with features like call forwarding, auto-attendants and extensions, these systems can help you bring your customer service to a whole new level. And, while today’s customers can contact you in a number of ways, none of them are as […]
  1. Best Practices
The field of customer service is constantly expanding, and it seems as though new tools to communicate with your customers are being developed on a monthly basis.  And, while chatbots, CRM systems, and customer service website features are gaining popularity, many businesses still manage a lot of their support via phone calls. Talking over the […]