Customer service determines the success of your business. Being available for your customers is crucial. That said, you need contact center solutions like Avaya to make that happen.

Avaya is a famous provider of communication systems. It helps you eliminate desk phones and embrace VoIP for better customer service. The Avaya software has various features, from advanced call handling and messaging to call administration and outbound calling. 

However, you should explore Avaya alternatives that might be more affordable and convenient to find the right match for your company. 

In this review, we will delve deeper into five competitors and evaluate their features. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the best Avaya competitor.

Avaya competitors: Top 5 picks

1. Ringblaze

Avaya competitors: Ringblaze

Ringblaze is a virtual phone system and call center software suitable for agencies, travel and e-commerce businesses. As one of the top Avaya alternatives, Ringblaze offers features that bring you closer to customers worldwide.

It facilitates real-time communication between your team and customers. Let’s say that a person is browsing your website. Your sales team can convert that casual viewer into a buying customer with Ringblaze. They can talk to them on the spot via phone or chat.

You can set up the widget in 15 minutes on the website, which allows customers to call you whenever they face issues or have questions. That way, you aren’t the only one making calls – your customers directly come to you.

Ringblaze also has collaboration tools that ensure your sales and customer support team are on the same page. Our tool displays all customer interactions in a shared dashboard. Your message remains consistent and there are no duplicate calls.

This contact center solution comes with many VoIP features:

  • Call recording
  • International calling
  • Inbound call
  • Call history
  • Free minutes

It is also affordable for a VoIP solution. It costs $15 per user a month if you opt for an annual subscription plan or $19 if you choose the monthly payment.

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2. Dialpad

Avaya competitors: Dialpad

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Dialpad is a cloud-based communication platform for small and medium businesses. It provides voice, video conferencing and messaging capabilities. These features streamline business communications, allowing your team to connect more efficiently.

The Dialpad platform has the following features:

  • Call routing – You can set up different types of call routing. For instance, you can route customer calls to idle agents or based on skills. Dialpad also lets you route to visual voicemail that transcribes audio messages.
  • Call forwarding – It lets you forward incoming calls to external phone numbers.
  • Video conferencing – Teams can have online meetings. Dialpad also supports one-on-one video calls.
  • Interactive voice response system – Dialpad has an automated voice system that interacts with customers. It collects data during those interactions to connect customers with the right person.
  • VoIP messaging and chat – This call center software has built-in messaging features. Users can send direct, group or SMS messages or share files.

Dialpad stands out because it fosters unified communications. It combines voice, messaging, video and conferencing in a single app platform. Users don’t need to switch between apps to do their job.

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The Avaya alternative offers three plans:

  • Standard – $23 per user a month
  • Pro – $35 per user a month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing to meet different business needs

3. Aircall

Avaya competitors: Aircall

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Aircall is one of the leading Avaya competitors and alternatives. It provides companies with a business phone system that lets them receive and make calls over the Internet.

Aircall helps you create toll-free numbers for any country your company operates in. You can use local and international numbers regardless of where your team is. This cloud communication platform allows you to set up business hours or customized voice messages to inform customers you’re away.

As call center software, it offers:

  • Call conference solutions that enable you to talk with up to five people on the same call
  • Call routing to direct a call to the right team member
  • Call recording so that you can review customer interactions and monitor quality
  • Warm call transfer that allows you to brief a team member before transferring the call
  • Call assignment to assign calls and leave explanations
  • Call transcription that transcribes calls and voicemails, making your team more productive

Aircall is easy to use and has a simple interface. It also stands out because it tracks productivity. It helps users reduce their missed call rates.

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As for pricing, here are the available plans:

  • Essentials – €30 per user a month
  • Professional – €50 per user a month
  • Custom – You get a customized package based on your needs

4. Nextiva


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Nextiva provides sales and contact center tools for unified communications, team collaboration, automation and customer engagement. It is a cloud-based VoIP solution suitable for small and growing businesses.

It’s one of the leading Avaya alternatives due to these features:

  • Unlimited calling, VoIP texting and faxing
  • An auto-attendant system that transfers callers to the correct department
  • Virtual voicemail and free toll-free numbers
  • Conference calling to host an audio or video call
  • Team collaboration tools that allow you to chat and share files with your colleagues

Nextiva offers an iOS and Android mobile app that supports business communications while you’re on the go. You can use the app for conference calling or text messaging. Call analytics is another helpful feature. It tracks the performance of your call center. You can access historical or live data and receive custom reports.

The tool also has advanced integration capabilities, syncing with:

  • HubSpot
  • Zendesk
  • Microsoft Teams

Its pricing plans are:

  • Essential – $25.95 per user a month
  • Professional – $30.95 per user a month
  • Enterprise – $40.95 per user a month

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Phone com

Image source: TrustRadius is a VoIP service for small businesses. It offers virtual phone numbers, call management tools and other call center solutions to help your business enhance interactions.

Here are some of the key features of this Avaya competitor:

  • Call management – It offers many features, including call blocking, call forwarding, call recording and call screening. If there’s an influx of calls, you can handle them effectively while in control.
  • Address book – You can sync all contacts with That allows you to call or send texts from within your account. For easier navigation, group contacts and set up call handling rules.
  • Analytics – It measures every call according to duration and time when a user receives it. That way, you know the busiest work hours and top performers.
  • Integrations – Sync tools with to improve productivity and performance. You can integrate this call center software with apps like Zapier, Zoho and Chrometa. gets praise for its user-friendly interface. Your business can easily set up and manage your contact center phone system within

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Here are the pricing plans:

  • Basic – $14.99 per user a month
  • Plus – $21.99 per user a month
  • Pro – $31.99 per user a month

Avaya competitors: Comparison table

RingblazeCall recording
Call collaboration
Real-time interaction
International callingInbound call
Call history
Free minutes
Access on desktop and mobile
From $19 per user a month
DialpadCall routing
Call forwarding
Video conferencing
Interactive voice response system
VoIP messaging and chat
From $23 per user a month
AircallCall routing
Call recording
Warm call transfer
Call assignment
Call transcription
From €30 per user a month
NextivaUnlimited calling, VoIP texting and faxing
An auto-attendant system
Virtual voicemail and free toll-free numbers
Conference calling
Team collaboration tools
From $25.95 per user a month
Phone.comCall blocking
Call forwarding
Call recording
Call screening
From $14.99 per user a month

Avaya competitors: Conclusion

There are many Avaya competitors on the market. It might be difficult to pick one until you go over their features. That will tell you if they can meet your business requirements.

Based on the features and capabilities, Ringblaze is the best Avaya alternative. The software has a user-friendly interface. It is available both on mobile and desktop, allowing you to work from anywhere. The best part? You can set it up in just 15 minutes!

If you want an affordable solution, look no further than Ringblaze. We’re here to help you improve customer interactions!

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Avaya competitors: FAQs

What type of business is Avaya?

Avaya is a business communications platform that connects your contact center team with your customers. Using artificial intelligence, Avaya analyzes real-time data to improve your customer experience and help you provide the best service.

Which is better: Avaya or Cisco?

This depends on your company’s requirements. We suggest you explore their features to determine which can better power your unified communications efforts.

Is Avaya a VoIP?

Yes, it is. It allows you to interact with customers on your phone and computer over the Internet.