Helping your customers and delivering outstanding customer service will cause your business to move forward in strides. Achieving that goal requires adding the best tools to your arsenal.

CallRail is a business phone system that also helps improve your marketing channels by examining their effectiveness.

We’re going to examine a couple of CallRail alternatives that can do more for your business. While CallRail does an excellent job at improving your marketing efforts and conversion rates, it lacks in-house business communications features.

In times of remote work, internal communication is of utmost importance.

The following alternatives have such features to offer:

  • Ringblaze
  • Nextiva
  • Aircall

Keep reading to see why they’re great alternatives to CallRail.

Why do businesses rely on CallRail?

CallRail is the first choice for many businesses because of its tracking software features that focus on marketing effectiveness.

Callrail Dashboard
Callrail Dashboard

The phone system offers unique features such as:

  • Call tracking — call tracking simplifies detection of the origin of the phone calls coming to your team. It makes it easier for companies to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The platform relies on various phone numbers added to your marketing materials. It then uses call routing to forward inbound calls and displays the call’s marketing channel. The bonus is that it even works for offline marketing campaigns.
  • Lead center — this feature is a perfect way to keep track of all calls. Your teams will find it very useful, as it helps streamline collaboration efforts and lead management.
  • Conversation intelligence — CallRail comes with an AI that transcribes your calls and analyzes the data. With more data, you’ll receive suggestions on how to improve your customer communication.
  • Form submission tracking — incorporating form submission tracking provides more details about a potential client. It includes additional information on a lead even before they make a call.
  • Team performance monitoring — ensuring high efficiency is easier with this feature. Businesses rely on it to help every member of the marketing team become more efficient.

Each of these features makes the platform a very appealing phone system for small and medium businesses. However, the plan prices are high and they might be more suitable for large enterprises.

Nonetheless, businesses that can afford this tool will find its features extremely useful.

Making use of all the features is only possible if you opt to pay for them. The good part is that there’s a 14-day free trial making it possible to test it before you subscribe.

What are the best CallRail alternatives?

There are plenty of CallRail alternatives in the market. However, we’ve shortlisted only the best ones to consider. These are Ringblaze, Nextiva and Aircall.

Each of these platforms has its features that help them stand out from other call tracking software solutions.

Some of the things that we evaluate when exploring the best alternatives to CallRail are as follows:

  • User-friendliness of the platform
  • Number of features and their usability
  • Plan pricing
  • Customer support

These parameters help us determine which phone systems offer the best value in the market.

Learn more about our top alternatives to CallRail below.

1. Ringblaze

Our goal is to offer a platform that our users can easily set up and have it running in no time. With a heavy focus on creating an intuitive interface, you’ll find our cloud-based platform extremely easy to use.

But that’s not all.

Ringblaze offers valuable call tracking features that help improve team collaboration. A customer support agent can use call recording and track every communication instance with their customers using the intuitive Dashboard.

CallRail alternatives: Ringblaze
Ringblaze Dashboard
Ringblaze desktop and mobile app
Ringblaze app for desktop and mobile
free trial

That way, all the team members stay in the loop and can continue communication from last time, knowing all the details about the client.

Furthermore, Ringblaze is available on both mobile and desktop, making it accessible on the go for all your employees. Let’s explore a couple of features that our clients find very beneficial.

Ringblaze features

Ringblaze offers a platform that packs just the right features for businesses of all sizes. The most important are:

  • User-friendly dashboard — User-friendliness is crucial with phone systems. Customers can set up and start using Ringblaze in 15 minutes. The intuitive UI extends to mobile platforms as well, making it easy to use anywhere.
  • Website Call Widget — Businesses can use Ringblaze in lead generation strategies with the website call widget. It’s possible to reach out to visitors on your website, which opens up many opportunities for getting new leads. Customers find this feature very useful, as they can use it to effortlessly seek any assistance if necessary. 
  • Integrated reporting system — The platform comes with an integrated reporting system. Create custom reports about users and use the data to predict customer behavior in the future. 
  • International availability — Ringblaze offers toll-free numbers in hundreds of territories around the world. Business owners who work with with remote teams will find this feature extremely useful and it’s not something you’ll find in too many other business phone systems.
  • Seamless collaboration — All the team members can use real-time collaboration to offer quick customer service to your clients. That way, as soon as your customer support agent hears the phone ring, they’ll be able to read the notes about the call and continue where the communication stopped the last time.

All these features allow our clients to create a personalized customer experience with each phone call. 

Ringblaze vs CallRail

While both of these platforms are, in essence, phone systems, there are quite a few differences. CallRail is a call tracking solution that focuses on improving marketing channels. 

On the other hand, Ringblaze comes with features that can potentially improve marketing, but its primary focus is helping teams better connect with the brand’s audience anywhere in the world. 

CallRail also advertises itself as an excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses. However, its pricing would suggest that it’s more suitable for large enterprises. 

When you subscribe to all the CallRail features, the costs quickly jump to $175 per month, which is not remotely comparable with a one-size-fits-all Ringblaze plan of $15 per user. Plus, Ringblaze offers a comprehensive list of features in its single plan.

Try out Ringblaze’s free trial! You can explore everything the platform has to offer.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a call tracking software platform that offers a lot of functionality to its customers. Much like CallRail, the platform deploys advanced analytics with real-time reporting. 

CallRail alternatives: Nextiva
Nextiva Dashboard

It enables businesses to achieve better marketing clarity, as they can better understand which channels perform well. Furthermore, a business that implements apps like Nextiva can significantly improve its customer service efforts.

Nextiva features

One of the reasons why the phone system platform was able to grow is because it provides value for businesses in different industries. That’s made possible thanks to Nextiva’s elaborate features. Here are the most important ones.

  • Contact center — Besides hiring the best talent, customer service also depends on picking the right tools. Nextiva call center makes customer communication simple, as you get to keep all the relevant information about your customers in one place. Your customer support agents can more easily work in unison to deliver outstanding support to your clients.
  • Analytics — This feature makes Nextiva an analytics software tool as well. All the information about your phone calls is gathered and analyzed. The analytics platform then gives actionable advice on how to improve your customer support efforts.
  • Customer journey — Use the platform to improve your customer journey. Measure the quality of your approach for better lead management. It’s one of the best tracking solutions to make an informed decision and drive more sales.
  • Automation — If your business is actively working with numerous client requests, partially automating the process can significantly help with your team’s productivity and efficiency. If you implement automation strategically, your customer support agent can already know what the customer’s query is about before even answering the phone.
  • Sales tools — The platform has sales tools that’ll help you create effective lead management strategies. You can sell more products and increase business profits over time.

Overall, Nextiva enables its users to leverage the power of all the insights so the marketers can perfect their sales figures. Let’s see how it fares against CallRail.

Nextiva vs CallRail

Both of these platforms offer features that’ll help you improve your lead management. However, while CallRail focuses on the quality of customer phone calls, Nextiva enables in-house communication features, which helps keep everything in one place.

While it’s possible to do the same with CallRail’s integration support, Nextiva offers a native solution that keeps everything in one place.

Then, there’s the issue of pricing. Both of these platforms are advertising to SMBs, but their high pricing is more suited to large enterprises. Nextiva Essential plan starts at $18.95 per user for teams of 20-99. The price will vary depending on your team’s size.

However, as you keep adding features, you can get up to $57.95 per user, and that’s without the Contact Center. If you want all the Contact Center features, its pricing ranges from $50 to $150 per month, you’ll have to reach out to their sales team to request an offer for your business.

While CallRail only offers a demo, you can get a 7-day free trial with Nextiva.

3. Aircall

Aircall is a fast-growing company that offers a cloud-based phone system alongside an analytics-powered call center. It started in 2014 and has since amassed thousands of happy users thanks to its advanced features.

CallRail alternatives: Aircall
Aircall Dashboard

It’s a great alternative to CallRail because of its call tracking software features. You can use them to improve marketing campaigns and make more sales.

See also: Aircall alternatives and competitors

Aircall features

The company provides numerous features that set it apart from other competitors. The following are the most prominent features that make this call tracking software useful.

  • Integration support — Implementing a tool that plays nice with others will empower your team. You can use Aircall with CRM tools to further streamline driving calls to your contact center. Save the critical information about your customers for better lead management.
  • Call center — Enables your support team to assist hundreds of calls every day more efficiently. Amplify your team’s power with features such as parallel calls, call queuing and queue callback.
  • Analytics — Call monitoring, call whispering and real-time analytics makes Aircall a great call tracking platform. Use the analytics to perfect your services and grow your customer satisfaction.
  • Remote work — If you’re practicing remote work, you’ll be happy to see that platform offers features that will skyrocket your team’s productivity. No matter where your employees are, contact sharing makes it easy to collaborate.
  • Call management — Use call recording, call routing, and interactive voice response to manage your phone calls effectively. Set up toll-free numbers internationally and make your business easily accessible in all markets.

As you can tell, Aircall features make it a worthy CallRail competitor. It has all the relevant features you’d expect from a quality phone system.

Aircall vs CallRail

Aircall is a great CallRail alternative due to the vast number of features it provides. Furthermore, its analytics can help you sell more products and offer much better customer service.

Unlike Nextiva, Aircall comes in a bit cheaper, making it a suitable solution for small businesses. CallRail’s extreme pricing is better suited to bigger businesses.

Aircall starts at $30 per user, but to get the best value, there’s a professional plan of $50 per user per month, and these come with call center features included.

The platform also has a free trial you can use to try it out.

CallRail alternatives: FAQs

What is better than CallRail?

CallRail is a great platform but the competition is very fierce. There are CallRail alternatives in the market, and we’ve highlighted the following three:
– Ringblaze
– Nextiva
– Aircall
Find more details about each of them in our article.

Does CallRail work in Australia?

Yes, CallRail is available in Australia. Aside from Australia, you’ll find it available in the United States, the UK and Canada.

Can you make calls on CallRail?

Yes, you can make outgoing calls on CallRail. You can make callbacks to your customers using the platform easily.

Concluding thoughts — what’s the ultimate CallRail Alternative?

With so many phone systems in the market, finding the best option for your business can be genuinely challenging. It always comes down to what you get for your money. The more features you can make use of, the better.

In that regard, we have to say that Ringblaze offers the best value for small business owners. It makes all its features available through a single plan, which starts at a mere $15 per user per month.

Ringblaze claim free trial banner

If you want to try a VoIP provider, consider Ringblaze. Give it a go by clicking here. It is 100% free to try!

Originally published on September 21, 2021. Updated May 20, 2022.

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