Today, your company’s success depends on delivering exceptional customer service. According to research, excellent customer service would motivate 82% of customers to recommend a business to friends and family. That’s why choosing the best Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution is paramount.

Your search for VoIP phone services has probably led you to compare Dialpad vs OpenPhone. In this article, we’ll analyze the features, pricing, user rating and more to ensure you make the right choice.

What is Dialpad?

Dialpad vs OpenPhone: Dialpad

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Dialpad is a business phone system that combines video conferencing, sales outreach and customer service tools. It leverages the internet to transmit voice and multimedia content, allowing businesses to make calls, collaborate through team messaging and conduct video meetings.

Powered by AI, Dialpad enhances communication, automates tasks and provides valuable insights into customer calls.

The Dialpad app is available on desktop and mobile phones. Your team can support customers on the go and stay on top of discussions no matter where they are.

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What is OpenPhone?

Dialpad vs OpenPhone: OpenPhone

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OpenPhone is another cloud-based business phone system. It’s an all-in-one solution that unifies calls, messages and contacts into a single software.

Suitable for small businesses and startups, the software allows you to set up local and toll-free phone numbers. Some of its main features include:

  • Call transfer
  • Ring order
  • Call recording
  • Unified communications

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Dialpad vs OpenPhone: How they compare

Both solutions are useful customer support tools. To know which fits your needs best, let’s do a Dialpad vs OpenPhone comparison of their features, integrations, pricing and more.


Dialpad offers the following features:

  • Video conferencing – Your team members can join a conference call on any device. The Dialpad AI Meetings feature enables them to turn video and mic on or off and share the screen.
  • Call recording – Save business calls to use them for training or reviews. Dialpad does a live transcription of each call and extracts keywords to help you find calls easily.
  • Call summary – The Dialpad AI-powered call summary feature gathers important points from meetings and calls.
  • Sentiment analysis – This business phone system supports sentiment analysis. The supervisors know which calls are going well and which need their attention. That way, businesses can oversee multiple agents at once.
  • Built-in Dialpad AI Voice – The feature takes notes, transcribes calls and makes a list of action items. You can focus on the conversation while Dialpad AI does the rest.
  • Team messaging – Your agents can collaborate in the same workspace across devices. They can schedule meetings or text their team around the world.
  • Local phone numbers – With Dialpad, you can support customers regardless of their physical location. The software reduces calling costs by providing your business with a local phone number.

OpenPhone comes with these features:

  • Local and toll-free numbers – The platform provides you with Canadian, US or North American numbers. You can customize a phone number or configure business hours for it if needed.
  • Team collaboration – If your agents need unified communications, OpenPhone is suitable for them. They can use one virtual number to make calls and send messages. Another feature is internal threads that allow them to comment on customer issues together.
  • Call forwarding – You can forward calls to different numbers.
  • Messaging tools – This business phone system lets you message customers around the world. You can create automatic replies based on specific triggers. To increase productivity, your agents can create templates to respond to frequently asked questions quickly.
  • Contacts – Small businesses don’t need to add a contact manually. With OpenPhone, you can synch with your Google Contacts or import customer details via CSV. This ensures your entire team has access to shared contacts.

Looking at Dialpad vs OpenPhone, both tools can help you improve customer interactions. However, Dialpad offers a more comprehensive suite. It has the Dialpad AI-powered features, video conferencing and advanced analytics.

Consider your business size and desired features before you commit to either.


Dialpad beats OpenPhone when it comes to integrations. Being able to connect your VoIP service to different apps you use helps you increase productivity and save time. Let’s see their integration options.

Dialpad integrates with:

  • Google Workspace
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoho CRM

As for OpenPhone, it integrates with:

  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier (which allows you to connect with even more apps)


The Dialpad plans are:

  • Standard plan – $23/user/month, with unlimited calling, team messaging and real-time analytics.
  • Pro plan – $35/user/month, with additional features like ring groups and CRM integrations.
  • Enterprise plan – Custom pricing. It comes with all the Pro features plus capabilities like priority live agent support.
Dialpad pricing plans

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On the other hand, OpenPhone offers these pricing plans:

  • Starter plan – $19/user/month, with one local or toll-free number per user, voicemail transcripts and US and Canada calling and messaging.
  • Business plan – $33/user/month, with additional features like group calling, call transfers, analytics etc.
  • Enterprise plan – Custom pricing. It comes with all the Business features plus a dedicated account manager, priority support and audit log.
OpenPhone pricing plans

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Small businesses usually look for a more affordable business phone system. Looking at the pricing plans, both platforms charge per user. However, OpenPhone costs less than Dialpad, when billed monthly. If you’re not looking for a robust tool like Dialpad and only need basic VoIP features like call forwarding and recording, OpenPhone will be enough for you.

Customer support

You can contact the Dialpad customer support team via phone, email and chat. Alternatively, you can browse questions by category.

As for OpenPhone, you need to submit a request to contact their team. With that in mind, Dialpad offers different customer support channels, which is useful when you need urgent assistance.

Dialpad provides phone, email and chat support to its users. You can also access the Help Center and browse questions by category.

OpenPhone has a knowledge base that answers most frequently asked questions. If you need additional help, you can submit a request to contact their team.

User rating

Let’s see how users rate Dialpad and OpenPhone.

Dialpad4.4 (1,770 reviews)4.3 (508 reviews)4.4 (1,763 reviews)
OpenPhone4.7 (1,617 reviews)4.3 (51 reviews)3.7 (380 reviews)

Ringblaze: Dialpad and OpenPhone alternative

Dialpad vs OpenPhone: Ringblaze alternative

Our Dialpad vs OpenPhone comparison is there to help you choose one of these two platforms. However, they aren’t the only options on the market. You can also explore Ringblaze.

Ringblaze is an optimized business phone system for small businesses and medium-sized companies. The platform lets you create US, Canadian and international phone numbers to connect with customers globally.

With Ringblaze, you can forward or record calls. We also support business texting to ensure you grow your business further.

A customer can also contact your team straight from their browser thanks to our website call widget. You can set it up in only 15 minutes and wait for calls to reach you. Ringblaze allows you to assign calls to specific agents so your customers get the much-needed help.

For only $19 per month (or $15 if paid annually), you get a powerful VoIP solution.

Sign up for a free trial!

Why choose Ringblaze over Dialpad and OpenPhone?

Ringblaze calling

There are many reasons you should choose Ringblaze instead of Dialpad and OpenPhone:

  • Easy setup – You can set up the app in less than 20 minutes and optimize it so it fits your needs. No technical background required!
  • Website call widget – Add a call widget to your website to motivate customers to contact you for additional help. Your customer support should sit back and expect many calls.
  • Affordable pricing plan – We offer one pricing plan to be as transparent as possible. Businesses get free local numbers and a chance to make unlimited calls to the US and Canada.
  • Free trial – You can explore all features for free.
  • Available on different devices – You can use Ringblaze on both Windows and Mac.
Ringblaze mobile

Dialpad vs OpenPhone vs Ringblaze: Comparison table

Go over our comparison table for a brief overview of what the platforms offer.

DialpadDialpad AI voice
Extensive integrations
Team and customer messaging features
Video conferencing
Call recording
Standard plan – $23/user/month
Pro plan – $35/user/month
Enterprise plan – Custom pricing
OpenPhoneMessaging tools
Team collaboration
Internal threads
Starter plan – $19/user/month
Business plan – $25/user/month
Enterprise plan – Custom pricing
RingblazeWebsite widget
Call recording
International calls
Call history
Access on desktop and mobile apps
Chat support


Customer support specialist

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It’s easier to decide between the two apps when you understand what each one can give you. If you’re after simplicity, choose OpenPhone. However, if you need a robust feature set, Dialpad is the right platform for you.

But if you want to explore other options, start with our affordable solution – Ringblaze. It comes with all the required VoIP features for only $15 per month if paid annually.

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Dialpad vs OpenPhone: FAQs

What is the difference between OpenPhone and Dialpad?

Dialpad helps businesses manage call centers with AI-powered features. OpenPhone, on the other hand, is more suitable for small businesses that want to nurture customer relationships.

Is Dialpad a good service?

Yes, Dialpad is a good service for businesses looking to unify communication into one platform. You can use it to manage customer interactions for your call center, improve your outreach efforts and hold meetings.

Why use OpenPhone?

OpenPhone is one option for small businesses looking for a business phone and SMS solution. It lets you set up dedicated local or toll-free phone numbers, enabling customers to reach you from various markets. It also supports messaging.

Is OpenPhone a VoIP?

Yes, it is. It’s a VoIP phone service for startups and small businesses. However, it isn’t the only option. You can choose from platforms like Ringblaze that offers an affordable VoIP solution for small and medium-sized businesses.